Why Litwin PEL is a great place to work

Our core philosophy rests on respect, fairness, credibility and teamwork. Making Litwin PEL a great place to work, since we have complete support and trust of entire people who have great pride in working on extreme engineering projects and the people around.

Litwin PEL’s strong foundation is built, by believing in that, its only people who are the greatest assets and bringing value to the extreme engineering and the single most differentiator. We have systematically focused on building competencies, nurturing talents from engineering colleges.

We have a strong culture of communication through active leadership spearheaded by the Managing Director and high level of employee engagement through meetings, forums and structured team briefs with senior management.

We have “religious weekly all-hands meetings where tough questions are asked and answered because we maintain a culture of openness and trust from the inside out.”  This has directly reflected in the increase in employee commitment which leads to higher employee productivity.

HR Policy

Those who are recognized as industry experts have a leg up in the business world. They command higher fees, open doors more easily and are often called upon by the media for quotes and feature stories.

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Litwin PEL offers challenging assignments, great working environment, professional management and ample opportunities to train, learn, and execute the most demanding extreme engineering projects. In turn, get recognition in the form of exceptional rewards & bonuses. As you scale newer peaks of achievements, we provide you with many benefits. At every step of success there is a special incentive awaiting each one of you.

Our responsibility towards new employees does not stop at salaries and compensation alone.

Compensation has been at par with industry standards and comparable to industry peers. Which has helped us attract great talents and engage them in highly end, simulating engineering projects.

Bonuses have worked like investments, wherein rewarding bonus usually increase the employees’ work input, quality and simply encourage them to work better in the future. Organization bonuses are divided into Retention pay, project completion pay, Performance Pay. Which has enabled larger and whole hearted contributions on the project with increased goodwill.

Compensation at senior levels have proved that Money alone is not the sole motivator. Recognition, empowerment, opportunities to work on different projects, participation in building Organization strategy and in taking organization wide decisions, Client engagements,  custodian of company secrets are just some of the benefits of working for a small but dream big organization.  At younger level, direct access to National & International projects & clients, vendors, project travels, site surveys, offshore visits. Have proved to be most motivating and rewarding experiences.

We strongly emphasis on work life balance. Most people who are expected to work late due to project requirements, are promptly given time off the next day. In many case, paid leaves, incentives are offered, so that morale is always high. For working mothers, work from home option’s are available so that everyone is at ease.

70% of people have joined because of referrals and those who join through other sources, complement it further by referrals. For certain skills we receive more qualified applicants for every open job position and we experience lower voluntary turnover than our industry peers. Liberal referral bonus are given, thereby sharing wealth with the people.

Focused training includes our career programs intended for various stages of a career lifecycle that addresses project and specific needs. We follow learning & post project repository based on the ‘Learn, Practice, Implement and gain knowledge’.

Incentivized training programs have been launched for people to participate and register for expensive & niche training programs whereby company not only contributes to the training fees but over a period of time, incentivizes people for taking up training which has added value to the organization and to the projects. This in turn has helped people to sharpen their knowledge, skill and in turn demonstrate their learnings in project and sharing with the team.

It is our work life philosophy that distinguishes us from others. Pride, passion, respect, teamwork, and integrity are integral features of our everyday life at work. The joy of working on extreme engineering projects and a sense of ownership of work, set in an environment of transparency, as the most desirable workplaces.

Our appraisal system provides feedback at all levels; from peers, subordinates and superiors, which help in the overall development. This open-minded approach to all our endeavors helps bring out the best in everyone. It ensures that your position is decided upon by a fair and open merit system and not by unnecessary factors.

Our energy, free spirit, and commitment to human values have played a significant role in our success story. We instill these qualities into every new member who joins the Litwin PEL Family. Active, unimpeded participation bringing us closer to each other and to ourselves, making work both fun and fulfilling.

One of the tenets strictly followed is that, every new hire has a buddy to take care, and does not feel isolated.

Pride of working on Extreme Engineering Projects.
The challenge of being at the forefront of world class International projects
Work alongside some of the biggest names in the EPC, in an ambience that fulfils your heart’s desire as much as it stimulates your intellect
Freedom to work, be participative, realize goals, reap the benefits as the world watches us working on Extreme Projects.

Who are we Hiring Now

We provide the best opportunity to build a flying career.  Our desire to hire the best from the industry, empowering them, providing valuable Opportunity, makes working with Litwin PEL a great experience. Litwin PEL offers a fantastic learning culture, freedom to work, participate in various decision making process, and be innovative.

An inspiring combination of growth prospects, continuous innovation, and fair play, makes it a great work culture and an exhilarating place to be in. A place you’ll want to come back to each morning and not go back for the rest of your life, with a sense of achievement and a smile of job satisfaction.

Our people are our greatest asset and pride. A great working culture with strong emphasis on training, knowledge sharing , participation and innovation. Working on extreme engineering, global projects and interacting with the world renowned clients are just some of the advantages. Flat organization, with tremendous opportunities and growth.

If you enjoy designing, and engineering is your passion, you have a hunger for knowledge, and to be the best in what you do, then work with the ever evolving culture of Litwin PEL. We inspire, motivate and help achieve each other to grow and be successful.

In a very short time Litwin PEL has gained prominence with high quality work delivered for our esteemed clients. With global presence, we are with our clients working very closely.

Litwin PEL is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer. Career opportunities with Litwin PEL (captain of the ship) are immense, Senior Engineers, Lead Engineers, Designers across disciplines and Senior Professionals.

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